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Location, Location, Location

March 15, 2018

Hi friends! How’s it going? This has almost nothing to do with what I’m going to talk about today, but I just have to briefly mention that NC weather cracks me up. I haven’t lived here long enough to know how much of this is just effects of our changing environment vs. that’s just how NC works, but lemme tell you a quick story from this morning. It is Wednesday, March 14. So far this year, it’s been as high as 80 degrees F. This morning, at 33 degrees F (don’t quote me on that), it snowed significantly (for here anyways). It was a heavy snow, and it was sticking! I think there was about a half inch on the ground. I was on the phone with my best friend, and I was shocked at how it was coming down. I made a comment about it, and she of course mocked me, b/c she lives in Chicago, and snow is basically life there. However, as we’re chatting a while, I suddenly turn and look out the window, and I see that it is now sunny, and all the snow is gone. All of it. And now it’s sunny and gorgeous outside. Still chilly, but still. And THAT, folks, is why I love NC. 


Ok again, that was outside of what I was planning on talking about today. What I actually wanted to talk about was the hardest part of planning an elopement. I don’t mean the hardest part about eloping as a whole (that honor is usually given to dealing with family), but I mean the actual planning part. 


Ready for it? The most difficult part of planning an elopement is (drumroll, please): …Picking a location. 




Why? Weeelllllll…. with full weddings, you are somewhat limited on your options. Unless you’re thinking way outside the box, there are really only a handful of places that can hold 150-200 people. Or even 75 people.  


With elopements, however, your options are numerous. I personally have a list of about 15 available locations within Charlotte and the surrounding areas, including gardens, breweries, vineyards, old converted mills, old converted houses, etc. In addition to that, the actual options are almost endless. I’ve researched rooftops, a GIANT old tree, even an actual battleship! Now granted, some of these locations have date limits, meaning days that they are and are not available for use. But other than that, HOW DO YOU PICK? 


There are quite a few considerations that you want to put into your location, and while I probably can’t think of every single consideration you in particular will need, I’m going to list the most common below:


-How accessible is it? Do you yourself, or any of your guests have any difficulty in reaching a location (i.e. the top of a mountain, or down a long flight of stairs, etc)? If the answer is yes, you want to keep accessibility in mind. 


-Is it indoor or outdoor? Outdoor is my fav. Like not even a question. However, it comes with risks of inclement weather. (such as today, when it ya know, randomly snowed). I always recommend having a backup, if you do choose an outdoor-only location. That being said, if you prefer outdoors, I say go for it. 




-How far away is it? Do you feel like driving a bit for that extra special location? If it’s worth it to you, DO IT. 


-Will I need seating? Elopement ceremonies are usually pretty short. Even so, sometimes guests have seating needs that some locations can or cannot accommodate. Ask me about that when we talk. 


-Does it fit my personal style? While I personally hate being put in a box stylistically, I do know what is just 100% NOT my style. For instance, you’re never going to see me wearing cowboy boots (by the way, I grew up in Texas and used to own multiple pair). So I personally wouldn’t plan my own elopement in a barn. But you may love all things country and want your pictures sitting on a bale of hay. As they say in El Paso, YOU DO YOU. 


-Is there a place that is meaningful to me and my fiancé? Remember that battleship I mentioned? That was for a couple who was in the Navy. Their plans for the battleship elopement sadly didn’t work out, but it was a damn cool idea. 


Lastly, and I personally believe this is the most important question to ask yourself: 


-When I envision getting married in my head, what is the backdrop I see? Is it a forest? Is it the beach? Do you truly not have a preference? ALL of that is ok. We can make your vision come to life. Or, if you honestly don’t care, we can give you some suggestions and help you pick. That’s the beauty of our packages; we take most of the burden off your shoulders. 





Once you’ve picked your location, the rest of the pieces to an elopement usually easily fall into place. Whether you’re keeping it to just the basics or adding even more fun elements, we’re here to make your elopement and micro wedding dreams come true! 


Wanna chat? Use the Contact Us button at the top of our website or email us at info@theelopementco.com. Can’t wait to hear from you!


Until next time, folks. 



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