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November 16, 2016



Hi y’all! I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself, and I figured my first blog post would be perfect for that! My name is Charity McQueen Parrish, and I am recently moved to Charlotte, NC. Where am I from? Well, that’s a little complicated. Short answer? - Born and (mostly) raised in Texas. Lived a few places, most recently Chicago, for awhile. I LOVED Chicago, but I did NOT love the Chicago winters. We (my husband and I) moved to Charlotte in March with our two pups, Oscar and Maddison, and we’re really enjoying it! I adore the mountains, so I’m pretty much in heaven driving around here. Also, the lack of Chicago traffic is a huge plus. 


I’ve been a photographer for a couple years now, mostly on the side. When we moved to Charlotte, I decided to make it a full time gig. I do most of my photography under the name Whimsicle Photography (www.whimsiclephotography.com), where I offer portraits, maternity and newborn, and tiny weddings. In trying to determine my niche in photography, I discovered that giant weddings are not so much for me. MANY props to the photographers who are into that, but it’s definitely not my thing. However, I also discovered that a lot of people getting married feel the exact same way! They want to do the whole getting-married-thing without the giant-expensive-stressful-wedding-thing. Sadly, there aren’t a lot of options for people who feel that way. Most photographers still charge more like full-wedding photography prices for elopements or courthouse weddings, IF they even offer those options. Enter The Elopement Co. I wanted to offer an alternative. I wanted to offer beautiful, quality photography for a fraction of wedding photography costs. How can I afford to do that? Because I’m not spending hours and hours taking pictures and editing. I worked it out once; a wedding photographer spends about an average of 40-49 hours on a wedding. No wonder it costs so much! With The Elopement Co, we make getting married simple, easy, and FUN. It doesn’t take very long, so we can cut costs and still make it beautiful. Tiny weddings aren’t for everyone. But if you are looking to avoid the cost and stress of a huge wedding, let us help you create a unique, beautiful, fun experience! Message us here


Thanks for checking us out! Hope to hear from you!



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