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Eloping Outside of the US

How do I legally get married in another country?

If I were planning my own personal elopement day today, I would plan to escape somewhere amazing, like the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, or somewhere in the Scottish Highlands, or a small chalet facing the Swiss Alps, or a cave in Iceland. I could go on and on… 


The exciting and wonderful part of an elopement is that you CAN make something amazing like this happen. But a question I often hear is how do you actually get legally married somewhere outside the US? 


The Long Answer: Each country has different rules regarding marriage. In some countries, it’s as simple as providing the correct documentation, which can be obtained directly in the US. In other countries, you have to go to the US embassy IN that country several months ahead of time to apply for license to marry. In other words, it’s complicated. 


If you’re determined to do the actual legal part in the country of your destination elopement, we highly recommend doing lots of research, way ahead of time, regarding that country’s rules and laws. And TEC can definitely assist with some of that!


The Short Answer: You don’t! If you’re open to an easier way, here’s what we suggest: take care of the legal part in the states. Go to your local courthouse or magistrate’s office. Do it the simplest way possible. That way you can have your amazing out-of-country experience exactly how you want it. There still may be permits required for your photo session, depending on the country and specific location, but TEC (or your photographer) will help you navigate all of that. 


I wanna hear what your dream destination elopement location is! Tell us Below!