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So how does this courthouse wedding thing even work?

How to get married at the Courthouse?

Step 1: Pick a date

Step one is directly tied to steps two and three. Depending on your location, your courthouse will have specific days and times set aside for Courthouse Weddings. At the Charlotte Mecklenburg County Courthouse, the days are Monday and Friday from 2-4pm at the Courthouse, or Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, from 7-8pm at the Jailhouse (yep, you read that right). 

Step 2: Go to the Register of Deeds and apply for a marriage license. 

Note that BOTH parties getting married are required to be present at the Register of Deeds to apply for a license. You can do some of the paperwork ahead of time on the RoD website. While we cannot do this step for you, please let us know if you have any questions about the process!. The application fee is $60. *Note - you must use your marriage license within 60 days of obtaining it, so plan your timing accordingly! 

Step 3: Pick a location

There are several county courthouses in surrounding Charlotte counties. TEC is willing to travel outside of Charlotte. Just let us know where, and we can discuss what your package costs would be. Each courthouse's rules are different, so we will research to find out the rules for each courthouse ahead of time.  

Step 4: Contact The Elopement Co!

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At this point, The Elopement Co. will have a conversation with you to find out what you have in mind for your perfect courthouse wedding. After that, we can take over and plan everything for you, or, if you want to be more involved, here's what's next:
Step 5: Choose the Details.

Your courthouse wedding can be as simple or as complex as you want it. The Elopement Co. offers packages as simple as photography only, or add flowers, cupcakes, and assistance with many details to make your day extra special, such as videography, dress rental, invitations/announcements, hair and makeup, etc. We will work with you to make your experience one you can always look back on with joy. 

Step 6: Show up!

Note: The timing of the courthouse weddings can be slightly tricky, so you want to be sure to arrive early. Most courthouses do not take appointments, but rather form a line of those waiting to be married. In the state of NC, you will need two witnesses 18+. If you cannot provide two witnesses, many people will ask someone else in line - it's a happy day, and most people are happy to celebrate along with you! Depending on the courthouse, photography may or may not be allowed within the ceremony room. This will determine at what point your photographer will join you. Of course, TEC will help you figure out all of that info ahead of time, so that on the day of, you get to just show up and have a wonderful experience!

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